Essential Care Services

  • Massage

    • Full Body: 60 min - $120.00 Surrey Clinic Only (Coming soon to North Vancouver)
    • Back, Neck, Shoulder: 45 min - $65.00
    • Back: 30 min - $50.00
    • Scalp: 15 min - $25.00
  • Electro-Tens Stimulation
  • Light Therapy
  • Quantum for Healing

  • Alkaline Benefits

  • 10 Essentials for Wellness

  • Detoxification for the Undisciplined


Calm Wellness Experience: 45 min - $99.00

If you are described by your friends and loved ones as anxious then this treatment is for you. Anxiety can lead to stress which can lead to many more conditions both physical and emotional. They may be as simple as stomach discomfort to something severe enough for hospitalization. You are someone who won’t let things run away from you without doing what you can. This experience is not meant to replace professional treatment but for those people who have noticed that stressors seem to keep building and want to reduce the impact of stress on each and every cell. We will not only help you feel calm and relaxed but we will help you take that experience with you every day if you choose. Take more than a load off your plate. Experience Essential Calm.

  • Educate - Intro to 10 Essentials & C3
  • Adaptuit Shot
  • Aromatherapy massage
  • Light/mood treatment
  • Deep breath relaxation

Energetic Wellness Experience: 45 min - $145.00

Do you drag your feet half way through the day? Do you wake up after 7 hours and feel like you only slept for 2? Energy is vital to feeling your best and also is important for proper sleep rest cycles. Put more than some pep in your step. Bring the energy of your youth back and encourage it to stay with our Energetic Wellness Experience. There are so many things to do as busy and productive members of society but without enough energy we simply fall short. This experience is designed to help you burst through the life’s door and keep charging well past noon. Why not give your family some of the best and energetic hours of your life? They are worth it. You are worth it. Don’t just recharge your batteries…re define what is possible when you have endless amounts of energy on tap.

  • Educate - Intro to 10 Essentials & C3
  • Sublingual B12
  • Nopalea Spritz Shot
  • Electro-tens Stimulation
  • Massage

Defensive Wellness Experience: 60 min - $199.00

Every year it seems like more colds, flu’s and germs take out more people. If you are tired of getting sick and in some cases staying sick then it is time to kick your immune system into higher efficiency. You see, we don’t need to turbocharge our immune system as much as we need to help it run smarter. Have less do more with greater efficiency. That is just what you will do with our Defensive wellness Experience. There is so much great knowledge available today at our fingertips. Why are we still suffering with depressed immune systems, fatigue and sickness? Our world is toxic, our stress is maxed and we have so many options that we are paralyzed. In fact, we are too busy trying to exist that we have forgotten how important it is to pursue the most important purposes in our lives. Well now we have a simple and easy solution to begin change with your wellness forever. Stop the sniffling, get rid of that cough, leave the aching and chills behind. Time for you to experience life with less allergies, less sick days and more confidence. You are worth it.

  • Educate - Intro to 10 Essentials & C3
  • Zamu Gold Shot
  • Power Shake
    • Detox Shot & Pill
    • Probiotic Yogurt
    • Nutra Fruits
    • Vital C
    • Leanology
  • Sublingual B12

  • Alkaline Cell Infusion

  • Deep Breath Relaxation

  • Massage