Q: Why am I losing my hair?

A: There are several causes of hair loss. The most common causes are age, hormones, genetic dispositions, medications and other factors that cause trauma and stress.

Q: Is something wrong with me? I am a woman losing hair.

A: No. Hair loss in women is more common than people realize. More than 40% of all females will have experienced hair loss by middle age. That means millions in North America are experiencing what you are right now. Hormonal changes are some of the most aggressive factors that affect hair loss. Women tend to deal with more of these kinds of changes then men. From puberty, to child bearing stages, to menopause, women have an uphill fight to keep the vibrant thick full hair of their youth.

Q: Does wearing a hat cause hair loss? Shaving my head?

A: No.

Q: Is it true I should brush my hair a lot to stimulate my scalp?

A: It is true that a better stimulated scalp can better develop hair, but excessive brushing, especially depending on the type of hair often causes breakage & damage to the existing hair. Many times, excess shedding also results. There are far more effective ways to stimulate the scalp without negative side effects.

Q: How much hair loss is normal?

A: Generally 50-100 hairs is considered normal on a daily basis, however this number is dependent on several other factors.

Q: I use steroids / the pill ... will I go bald?

A: Any chemical substance that affects the hormonal system has the ability to affect hair growth, development & loss. That being said, every persons response to chemicals is different and proper testing is imperative to maintain the best hair quality possible.

Q: My father/mother has significant hair loss, will I go bald?

A: Much of hair loss is a genetic disorder. There is no guarantee that you will loose hair just because your parents did although the likelihood increases greatly. A consultation will best determine where you are in regards to hair loss, your risk factors and most effective options you have.

Q: Is there a cure for hair loss? Do I have to lose all my hair?

A: No there is no cure for hair loss at this time; however you do not have to lose all your hair either. There are many options available that can help stop, slow or even grow hair. One needs only the right information and treatment.