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With over 10 years experience in helping clients cut through erroneous claims, product hype and information overload, Essential Hair & Care Clinics is dedicated to sharing its cohesive muti-disciplinary approach and its C3 Philosophy with those affected with conditions causing hair loss. Read More

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  • Questions can be answered at 778-928-7068.
  • Once questions are answered and deal program is paid treatments can be booked at 604-754-6294
  • Limited time deals with increased response options available for stability and volume available on request.
  • Email questions or comments to info@myessentialhair.com
  • Hair revitalization and re-growth package
  • Hair redevelopment package includes: 60-90 minute consultation, 8 laser dome treatments are completed over a 2 month period, 8 enzyme activated amino acid serum treatments are completed over an 8 week period, 60 dollars of free wellness products and discounts on Toxic free support products. 20,000 point comparison marker online wellness test
  • Hair loss is complicated, so get some answers about your specific condition with a free consultation!
  • Laser helps to improve blood flow, circulation, increase the size of micro blood vessels and ATP conversion (the ability to produce energy in a cell), which helps increase growth rate, size and quality of hair
  • This is done by a process known as Photo-Biostimulation which improves the follicle and dermal health
  • Enzyme activated amino serum is massaged on scalp for a few minutes prior to laser, then the scalp is treated under laser dome; this serum reduces scalp irritation, helps increase hair quality, promotes follicular healing and more.
  • The combination of these procedures over time produce anti-aging effects for your hair while increasing scalp hydration and reducing dryness and breakage
  • There are no side effects but there are many possible secondary benefits such as improvement in nails, joints and skin in addition to hair quality
  • Toxic free all natural Products manufactured from U.S.A and Canada
  •  Valid in clinic and at distance (min fee at home treatments available ) Convenient Lower Mainland location: Vancouver
  • Makes a great Holiday gift! 

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At Essential Hair & Care Clinics we not only provide the most advanced hair loss treatment options for men, women and children, we do it simply. From hair thinning to hair growth, hair regrowth restoration to surgical hair transplant, we let you know your best hair loss solutions and why. At Essential Hair & Care Clinics we also package services for hair loss conveniently, allowing for the best results and lowest possible cost.

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