Jasmin F. - Coquitlam, BC - 7/10/2014

I use two different personal hairstylists. One for color treatment and another for tape in hair extensions.  The color treatment hairstylist noticed an improvement in not only my hair's strength and texture but body as well and the hair extension stylist noticed baby hairs growing on the back of my head.  

I thought these experiences were very positive and wanted to share this with you. I would like to add that i feel that the laser treatment is definitely a positive move in the right direction and has improved not only my quality of hair but my self confidence as well.

Johnny A - Vancouver, BC - 7/17/2014

I have been with Essential Hair for about 2.5 years now. I noticed the rate of my hair lose has increases and my hair had thin out. With the laser treatment and the PRP, They have managed to stabilize my receding hairline and improve the over health of my scalp. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable.

Gerald R. - Vancouver, BC - 7/22/2014

I was able to get a consultation and laser appointment with Essential Hair + Care.  I met with Ray who was very informative and honest on what I was to expect from our treatments.  The team at Essential Hair really do stand by the C3 Philosophy, Ray and this team are awesome. It's not just about the hair developement process with them its about developing yourself to be a more confident and positive person over all.  I recommend!

Mike M.

I bought a Groupon for Essential Hair & Care for their massage services. After a few weeks I booked myself an appointment. The person on the phone was willing to book around my schedule, which I thought was great. When I arrived I was greeted warmly with a smile by the girl at the front counter. Then I was taken to a lounge area to fill out a form. It asked where I was having issues with myself, stressed areas etc. At the time I was having issues with stress/anxiety.

Then I sat down with the owner and he started to tell me about how he started the business which was quite interesting hearing his story about him and his family.

I then started to tell him a little about my issues regarding how my recent blood work was all coming back normal and I thought there was something wrong with me, but was out of answers. It was great to open up with somebody and he understood where I was coming from.

He then proceeded to tell me about the amazing products they have for immune support and overall well being, as well as support classes regarding my issues.

After my meeting with him I was directed to the room for my massage, the therapist was awesome, she asked me where my problems were and she went right to work on them ... needless to say after it was done I felt like a wet noodle laying on the table, in other words she worked out all the stressed areas perfectly. She gave me a few stretching exercises to help.

Over all the whole experience was awesome, I walked out of there feeling like a whole new person. If I could change one thing it would be the price for the message, it is a little pricey compared to others. And I would recommend them to anyone.

S.S. - Surrey, BC - 03/09/2012

I've been with Essential Hair for about 7 months now, not only do I notice an improvement in my hair growth but also an improvement in my outlook at a lot of different things. The team at Essential Hair really do stand by the C3 Philosophy, Ray and this team are awesome. It's not just about the hair development process with them its about developing yourself to be a more confident and positive person over all. 

Tom K. - Port Coquitlam, BC - 3/9/2012

I have started using the services offered by Essential Hair a year ago.They offer a great product with a great service. They are very knowledgeable on the subject of hair loss and body well being.

YB. - Surrey, BC - 3/8/2012

The service I have received from Essential Hair and Care  staff has been nothing but exceptional.

Tammy S. - North Vancouver,  BC - 3/8/2012

The service I have received has been professional, yet friendly. I would definitely recommend Essential Hair and Care to anyone who needs a little extra for their hair!

Ro M. - Surrey, BC - 3/8/2012

I started this w/ Ray from essential hair care, Ray is very positive & honest,  he tells me if this will work for me or not. I find Ray wants to not only help w/ hair but w/

life & health, which is such an amazing outlook. I really love the fact that there is 3 locations for the clients convenience, that was my deal maker in my decision. The

girls that do the treatments are VERY professional & polite. They are really great @ their job,& always make me feel great & very welcome, so it makes me happy

being there. I cant say anything about how well the treatments have worked for me yet, because its only been 2 months, so will comment when its a bit longer.

B.S. - Surrey, BC - 3/2/2012

I'm in my second month of my program and have enjoyed Ray's positivity, professionalism and dedication to his business. As I am early in my program, will have to keep you posted about results (although I have already noticed a big difference in my scalp's health and the thickness of my hair). 

I find the treatments (I go three times a week) to be relaxig and look forward to a nice, long scalp massage every Monday, Wednesday and Friday! I appreciate the fact that Ray has brought Essential to a location closer to clients in my area, so we don't have to drive to Vancouver for treatments. 
Overall, the program is delivering. So far, so good!

Payam F. - Greater Vancouver Regional District, BC - 2/24/2012

Initially, I dealt with Ray at Essential Hair.  Ray has a very good positive view on life and he appears to be very knowledgeable on the personal health and wellness fronts.  What I really liked about my initial consultation visit was that Ray's views encompass life in general and not just hair growth.

He is a true professional and provided me personally with outstanding service, and close attention to details.

My actual follow-up sessions have been conducted by another agent of Essential Hair's.  She is equally as professional and caring.  the sessions are very casual and I feel more that I am spending time with a friend than at a professional hair revitalization center.

As for my hair situation, I will have to update you in a few months as I am relatively new to this.
I would not hesitate recommending the services of this establishment based on my personal experience.